¿Cómo suena Paint?

Pues que un chaval, yo creo andaba de ocioso o que se yo, pero que reprodujo el exe del paint del windows 7 y asi masomenos es como suena.. según le dio digamos una «retocadita» para que se escuchara un poco mejor… y le quito algunas partes donde si se escucha como que puro ruido…

«Just made a really weird and awesome discovery.

If you import an EXE file into an audio program as audio data, you hear all kinds of cool stuff. The most awesome by far for me was MS Paint.

This is the Windows 7 x64 edition of mspaint.exe. I used Adobe Audition to import and edit the audio, but one could jsut as easily use Audacity’s «import Raw Data» feature. I imported this as 8-bit, 22050hz stereo audio. I faded in the beginning, as well as removing a long section of noise part of the way through.»

y asi es como supuestamente se escucha… http://soundcloud.com/r2bl3nd/windows-7-x64-ms-paint-exe

Se parece como que a Scott Pilgrim o una cosa asi x)

It’s probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard form something like this. All I did to the audio was master it slightly to make it sound less harsh to the ears, as well as remove a long section of noise.